Elizabeth Tran

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Elizabeth Tran
Graphic Digital Marketer
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Microsoft Office
Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Asset Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Branding
  • E-commerce
  • Email & Marketing Campaigns
  • Leadership & Mentoring
  • Multichannel-Marketing
  • Problem Resolution
  • Social Media Design & Marketing
  • Web Design & Maintenance



While working at Business Development Resources (BDR), the company wanted to create and host a three-day annual event for our clients to look forward to. The Marketing Team [I] collaborated with the Events and Management Teams to create signage and marketing materials for an upcoming event BDR was going to host called SPARK.


When I first heard about SPARK and how I could help, I jumped at the opportunity because it sounded like a fun and fulfilling graphic design and marketing project.

Event Badges

I created event badges for everyone attending with the help of Canva and Dynamics 365. The badges had the SPARK logo, a QR code specific to the attendee, the attendee’s name, their company, and where their company is located. Dynamics 365 helped us keep registrants organized in our database and it provided a QR code for each person. This helped me easily create everyone's badge as well as make the badge scanning process simple for the people scanning badges at SPARK.


I also created the signage we would use to display during the event. This included 3 different retractable banners, and 9 session/room displays, and 4 directional signage. I created everything through Canva, except the retractable banners. Due to their sizing and our limited access to the Adobe Creative Cloud, I had to create them on Photopea, which worked just as well.

main session

Social Media

We would also post on social media about SPARK to hype up the event and try to get people to engage in conversation, and hopefully register. By using Canva to create the posts and scheduling the posts on Hootsuite, it helped us keep organize and make sure we are posting on time. The location for SPARK 2023 was picked in April 2022 and the Marketing Team wanted to start the hype early by announcing where SPARK 2023 will be held. Examples provided upon request.


Additionally, I helped create emails through BEE that we would send to clients and registrants. I created a new email template the company could use for future email marketing (not just for SPARK) that has a cleaner and organized look. The emails we sent would keep registrants updated on any new changes to the event and relay any important information they need to know.