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Elizabeth Tran
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Icon Designs


I took a Design Fundamentals course at Bellevue College in Fall 2022. My professor had 2 lists where we had to pick 4 words from the first list and combine them with any 4 words from the second list. We would then have to create 3 different icons for each item for a total of 12 icons. The words I picked and combined were "Ninja Communication", " Viking Fitness", "Shark Finances", and Magic Film/Cinema".


All 12 icons were due 2 weeks after the assignment was assigned. I designed and created the 12 icons and was able to submit the assignment before the deadline.

Ninja Communication

I first started by brainstorming ideas of what communication would include and what those icons would look like. I wanted to create one asset (the shuriken) and try to incorporate it into the communication symbols I came up with earlier. The most difficult part of this section was trying to figure out how to blend the shuriken with the wi-fi symbol. In the end, I was able to find a way to join the shuriken with the wi-fi symbol in a way that keeps the icon clean and recognizable.

Viking Fitness

Similar to how I approached Ninja Communication, I tried to think of items you'd find in a fitness center. I created the Viking Hat as my asset this time and integrate it with fitness items. After I created the kettlebell, I thought the Viking horns could act like hands/arms. For the second icon, I wanted it to look like someone was lifting up the barbell. As for the third icon, I switched the horns/arms down so that it looks like a gymnast is on still rings.

Shark Finances

For Shark Finances, I wanted to merge a shark with money of some sort. I had an idea where the shark could act similar to an ATM and money is being withdrawn. Of course, a simple but effective icon is shark money or monopoly money. I wasn't too sure what to do for my last icon, but when I think of finance, I think of a bank. I tried to make the shark look like a bank teller because they also help handle your money/finances too.

Magic Film/Cinema

I had a lot of fun making my last icon set. When I think of magic, I think of either Harry Potter waving his wand or that scene from Cinderella where the Fairy Godmother waves her wand with some magic and sparkles, turns Cinderella's ruined dress into a beautiful ballgown. Because of this, I wanted to incorporate a wand into my icons that is magic-like, so it looks like the wand is being waved or moved with sparkles/stars to add some pizzazz.


Overall, I am very happy about how my icons turned out.

Some notes I got from my professor after submission is to, "simplify some of them even more so that details are not lost when scaled down. For example the motion blurred magic wand might not translate at a smaller scale or further away" (Obremski). Though I am very proud that I thought of a waving wand motion to the icon, I can see where it might not be the best idea if someone were to see the icons from far away.

Moving forward, I'll keep the thought of the simpler the icon, the better for quick and easy recognition.