Elizabeth Tran

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Elizabeth Tran
Graphic Digital Marketer
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    United States
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Microsoft Office
Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Asset Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Branding
  • E-commerce
  • Email & Marketing Campaigns
  • Leadership & Mentoring
  • Multichannel-Marketing
  • Problem Resolution
  • Social Media Design & Marketing
  • Web Design & Maintenance

Instagram Launch


When I started working for Business Development Resources (BDR), they were thinking about creating an Instagram account. My boss wanted me to research and create a business plan so that when we were ready, we would have information readily available for launch.


I created a timeline of what we need before launch, how we could get followers, what tags we could use, what we should post, the graphics to post, how often we should post, what our Instagram handle would be, and when we should launch.


In the weeks leading up to launch, I created several types of Instagram graphics using Canva and scheduled the posts in Hootsuite. Examples provided upon request.


Before we launched our Instagram and started posting, it was decided that we should hype up the launch. I created and posted a picture grid on our Instagram to showcase when the account would be officially active and to make our grid aesthetically pleasing in the meantime.

Screenshot_20220218-101834 (2)


Our goal was to get 100 followers by the end of the year. The Marketing Team went above and beyond what we thought we could achieve with our Instagram because by the end of first quarter, we had over 100 followers already!